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IWQA is doing Management GAP ANALYSIS to its clients with its well experienced and talented team. GAP ANALYSIS is one of the best management tool to found the difficulties in a case. It is identifying what needs to be done in that project. This tool helps you identify the gap between your existing situation and the expected state that you want to reach, along with the tasks that you need to complete to close this gap. By this analysis, can identify the solutions to solve the problems and will identify the ways to make bridge for gap.

In a Gap analysis will conduct the following steps.

  Identify the Expected Stage.

  Analyse Current situation

  Identify how will bridge the GAP

On the first stage will identify the objectives to achieve. This objectives gives the stage that you want to achieve once your project is complete.Then analyse the current situation, making sure that gather information from the right sources.Finally, identify how will bridge the gap between the current situation and the desired future state.

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